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This manual is a must have for any member looking for further instruction. 

Michael Greenzeiger, PGM (CA) and Ainslie Heilich, SGL Webmaster (IL) have released “The Odd Fellows’ Primer.” There has been a huge need for updated educational materials for members to reference for the ritual, business, and administrative workings of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for many years. This book is several years in the making and began when Greezeiger was Grand Instructor of California. Heilich came on board in 2019 to start the illustration process.

“The Odd Fellow’s Primer” is cut from the same fabric as the great 19th century Odd Fellow manuals like Grosh and Donaldson. Greenzeiger’s writing style and presentation are a nod to these inspirational books of the past and are accompanied by Heilich’s historically inspired illustrations. Together they capture the vitality and passionate ideals that helped our Odd Fellow ancestors achieve great things which they hope to instill in every member who reads this book. Prepare to be inspired. 

This project is a labor of love and all proceeds from the first year went to Michael Greenzeiger’s Grand Master Projects. Following that, all proceeds will be used for the “Good of the Order”.

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